How to check which CMS a site is using

There are many way you can check a site to see which CMS it is using if you are familiar with those CMS like Drupal or WordPress.

But if you don’t, it still can be very easy to get it. Here is a fancy site will help you to check the CMS. It will tell you even about the version, plugin and theme information.

WordPress check

Drupal check

Joomla check

WordPress on Windows Server IIS

IIS is not support .htaccess files. Instead,  they accept the web.config file.

You can find this file in the WordPress root fold.

Here is a sample you can use for WordPress:

For advanced usage, here is a place you can learn how to translate .htaccess into web.config , Translate .htaccess Content to IIS web.config


Just found two site can easily convert .htaccss to web.config.


Where Headspace2 Plugin store data

HeadSpace2 is a SEO plugin of WordPress.

For some reason I need to operate Headspace2 data in my own code. So I checked the database and found the data are stored in ‘wp_postmeta’.

What I need is just ‘title’ and ‘description’ meta. In that table, they are indicated by the column ‘meta_key’.

  • ‘title’ is ‘ _headspace_page_title’
  • ‘description’ is ‘_headspace_description’


Using the value to change the post meta

Then for change the post title and description meta programmatically. Need some hooks, maybe this one. Haven’t been checked yet.

Create Page/Post Programmatically In WordPress

As a WordPress theme developer, this article is very useful: Programmatically Create a Post in WordPress

I take the code out and put here for reference:

The various calls to this function would look like this:


Add Custom Meta Box and Fields to Your WordPress In a Developer Way

WordPress is not like Drupal which can easily add new custom fields to page. But there are a  lot WordPress Plugins can help you to add custom meta box and custom fields to your WordPress. But for a developer, modify a plugin sometimes can be a nightmare. I think the best way is using a reusable library to  developer your own meta box, then every thing is under control.

Continue reading Add Custom Meta Box and Fields to Your WordPress In a Developer Way

How to display posts from another WordPress

Have a WordPress site need to integrate blog posts from another WordPress site.  Both are in same host, but in different domain.

After seach, I just found there is not much solution for this on the internet. Finally my solution is Inspired by this post: WordPress- Query Posts from another wordpress blog on the same server 
I wrote some function for this. It need to be put in your_theme/functions.php Continue reading How to display posts from another WordPress

How To Move WordPress Site And Change The Domain

Just moved a WordPress site from one host to another, site domain also changed.

Reference article from WP Docs:

What I’ve successfully done:

Step 1

Download the whole site files and put into new host directory.
Export the database, create a new database in new host and import all the data. Continue reading How To Move WordPress Site And Change The Domain